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Singapore City, Singapore

Tokyo, Japan

La Valletta, Malta

Auckland, New Zealand

Bat Xat, Vietnam

Imerovigli, Greece

Anonymous said: For the anon planning a holiday with 10 American cities, maybe look into New Orleans. It's known for parties, well, mainly Mardi Gras (which is in February), but it's still very entertaining year-round

Anonymous said: I'm going to staßburg this week, anything special to be sure to see/do? :)


Anonymous said: I'm gonna spend the next week in Canterbury with my class and since we have some free time every day, I wanted to know if you or your followers can recommend me and my friends some places we could go to? Do you have tips? We probably won't visit typical tourist attractions because we'll definitely do that with our teachers. I also need to know if it's expensive to buy a metro travelcard and whether it's necessary in a town like Canterbury or not. Is there anything interesting in the nearby area?




Anonymous said: I love your blog! Don't ever delete it 😊

thank you ♥

amediterranean said: Hi! For the Santorini anon, I think it really depends on who you are going to Santorini with. For me Fira is the best option if you're with friends, but if you need quiet romantic time Oia is better. Neither has a beach but honestly beaches arent the best in Santorini, but the beauty of the island makes up for the lack of them.

22nd-november said: Hi there! I just moved in London and I am curious to find out places and ways how to meet new people? :) Thank you!


Dublin, Ireland

Floda, Sweden

littleleafeusmusings said: For the niagara falls anon- The train ride takes about eight hours but its cheaper than the airplane which gets you there in an hour and a half i think

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